With virtually all agents promising the same high levels of service and professionalism it can often be a confusing experience simply determining an estimated sale price and the least complicated and effective way to market your property.

We can offer an 'over the phone' approach to assist with estimated pricing and the amounts related to marketing and selling your property, as a starting point, followed by more in depth information and  a detailed research summary for your consideration, if required.  

Our results are achieved by using clean, concise and effective marketing through all the key media, highly skilled people and a 'leave no stone unturned' philosophy.

Our process is straight forward and has been proven to achieve optimum results. All of our fees are negotiable depending on the package you choose.  

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you, the various options available.


Many large real estate agencies are compelled to support a top heavy business model by having junior or apprentice type staff handle critical aspects of a transaction.

Our guarantee is that where Landbanc is appointed as the agent, all critical aspects of the sale process including preparation of marketing material, signs, open homes and contact and negotiation with prospective buyers is handled directly by principal Dean Thurley and not delegated to junior and or inexperienced staff.

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Residential Sales

Flat rates available above $2 million sale price

Percentage rates from 0.75%

Property asset management

Flat rate depending on portfolio size

Percentage rates from 6.3%

Free access to our 24/7 management platform (currently under construction).

Gaining a competitive edge through styling.

Have you ever wondered why retail stores and car dealerships go to so much trouble in presenting their products? Think a Mercedes Benz dealer or a David Jones fashion window, yes of course to make their product more appealing to the eye and on consequently turn on emotional drivers. To learn more about presenting your property at it's best please contact us to discuss the many cost effective options.